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What's Happening?

There's Always Something Going On!

An outcome of the 2023 PAW Spring Executive Board Meeting Board designated our Pastor, Bishop-Elect, for the Episcopal Elevation to the Office of Bishop and appointment as the Diocesan of the Atlantic Zone Council of Costa Rica. This appointment fully came to fruition during the 2023 PAW Summer Convention held in St. Louis, MO alongside other fellowlabourers by the laying on of hands. The Consecration Service was held Thursday, July 20th. During the processional entrance of the candidates for elevation, the International Music and Sacred Arts Department led the congregation in worship to set the atmosphere by singing in song “Lord, Prepare Me”.  Bishop Larry O. Jones, Diocesan of the Midwestern District Council brought forth a powerful word with his subject entitled “The Missing Apostle”. After the charge and instruction given by Bishop Jones, Bishop Theodore Brooks, Presiding Bishop of the PAW, began the official ceremonial consecration procedures. Bishop Brooks spoke about the position and the vestments. This greater position of servant hood is where the Lord has called , prepared and placed our Pastor to. Be sure to get the September/October 2023 Christian Outlook for a full recap and feature of this great occurrence. 


We Celebrate Our Pastor on His New Assignment

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Hot Off the Press

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Happy New Year!

We are thankful and grateful to our Lord for bringing us over.

As we begin the new year, we thought it fitting to let you know how much your love and support has been appreciated, whether in attendance or the giving of your tithe and offerings. It has truly been a blessing and much support to Bethesda's ministry. We say thank you, and may 2024 bless you abundantly!



Committed to Spiritual Growth

Bethesda Temple exists to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all mankind as we evangelize through faithful witnessing and spiritual influence in our community.


Weekly Order of Services

Come Worship with Us!


  • Morning Worship: 11am


  • ​Prayer: 7pm - 8pm​ (Conference Call)

  • Dail-in #: 605-562-8401

  • Access Code: 748-9112


  • ​Evening Bible Study: 7pm - 8pm

Monday - Saturday

  • ​Noonday Prayer: 12pm - 1pm

Refer to Order of Services for Updated Information

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