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Jesus in Mark 16:15 tells the eleven, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature". These were the instructions  given by Jesus to the one's who first turned the world upside down. The instructions Jesus by given on that day still hold true for today and must be fulfilled so that every kindred, tongue, nation, and people can hear and receive the good news about our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. Below you will find a few occurences of fellowlabourers walking in faith and doing the work that God has called them into. These efforts and more have and are being supported by you and the church in various capacities. Continue to pray for the entire body of Christ.

European Council of Nations - Ukraine

Pastor Alex Ilash of Fountain of Living Water Church in Izmail, Ukraine


India District Council

Bishop Immanuel Paul - Diocesan Bishop

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