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Confession of Faith


I am a faithful and wise steward over my financial affairs.

All our properties are paid in full and we owe no man anything, not even the bank mortgage. 

There is no lack in my house, nor the house of God. 

As we give today's tithes and offering, we are believing God not just for addition, but multiplication and being fully persuaded what he has promised he is able to perform. 

We are believing God for:

Jobs and better jobs.

Raises and bonuses.

Benefits, sales, and commisions.

Settlements, estates, and inheritances.

Finding money.

Bills paid off.

​Royalties received.

​Checks in the mail.

Loans paid back.

I shall lend and not borrow.

I shall prosper and be in health. 

It is offering time and I will praise the lord.

I will give cheerfully in Jesus' name.


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