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The consecration is a part of a broader plan which includes The Day of Atonement observances. The morning service, the anointing and the fasting all work together for a dual purpose:

  1. They serve collectively as a reboot of our relationship with, and our commitment to God.

  2. They are all in preparation of 2024 and what it will bring.

It is my prayer that we will become more spiritually sensitive and socially conscious. It is also my prayer that we will rise up to live out the meaning of the name of our assembly, Beth Hesed  - more commonly known as Bethesda Temple Apostolic Church. I will speak more about that in the near future.

The consecration will be observed as follows:

  • September 25 - September 29:

    • Fasting from Midnight to 4:00 PM

  • ​October 9 - October 13 :

    • Fasting from Midnight to 4:00 PM​

  • October 23 - October 27:

    • Fasting from Midnight to 4:00 PM​

You may drink water, unsweetened tea or unsweetened coffee during fasting but nothing else. After 4:00 PM you can eat and drink what you want. (*Medical Conditions may be taken into account*)

Other Instructions:

  • Use your fasting times for self-examination as well as an opportunity to develop a strategy for strengthening your relationships with God and your commitment to God.

  • If necessary, during the fast, give up those things that distract or detract from the above.

  • Take time to pray - at least one-half hour each day during fasting (the half hour may be broken up if need be.)

Let us be intentional in our fasting and prayer during this period of consecration.​

May God bless us all as we give ourselves in pursuit of God and His holiness!

- Pastor High

Consecration 2023/2024

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