Consecration 2022

It's Our Time

We will be setting aside a portion of this month for fasting, consecration, and renewing our covenant with God. As you move forward during the month set aside time daily for personal devotion, worship, prayer, praise and meditation.

Our fast is as follows:

  • For the month of January, we will be fasting each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

  • From midnight (12 AM) to 4 PM

  • Water, coffee, or unsweetened tea is allowed while you are fasting

  • As always, follow doctor's orders, and if you need to take food with medication, eat only what you need to eat

In addition, our Special Assignment for the month of January is to:

  • Read The Gospel According to Saint Luke

  • Read The Acts of the Apostles

  • Read The Book of Proverbs

    • One Chapter per day​

- Pastor High